Cascadia Chapter

Welcome to the Cascadia Chapter.

As the Order of the Arrow Chapter serving the Cascadia District, located in Portland, Lake Oswego, and Scappoose, we host and assist with numerous events for Units, the District, the Council, and the Lodge.

We attend and assist with all Wauna La Mon’tay Lodge events, such as Rendezvous, NAACS (Northwest Arrowmen Arts and Ceremonies Seminar), and all Induction weekends. As a Chapter, we additionally provide service to the Cascadia District when it has its annual Camporee, and assist Packs and Troops in holding crossover ceremonies each spring for the Webelos to cross over into a Troop.

As the Order of the Arrow is a service-oriented organization, we hold a multitude of service projects throughout the year, including a monthly service project benefitting a local city park, recreation area, or greenspace. We hold these projects not only for our members, but also for the units in the district that we serve to give them an opportunity to get out into their communities and give back.

I encourage you to explore everything the Chapter and the Order of the Arrow have to offer to your Scouting experience and life. I look forward to seeing you at a Chapter or Lodge event soon!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Aaron Watt

Chapter Chief, Cascadia Chapter